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Valentine's Day 2022

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Romance novels, sitcoms, and rom-com films tell us what Valentine’s Day is supposed to look like. A couple hopelessly in love. Breakups and a dramatic reconnection. Near misses and quick resolutions. While real love doesn’t often look much like the movies, couples often celebrate the day with a dinner out, cards exchanged, and perhaps a box of chocolate or a bouquet of roses.

But, love looks different for many of us, especially as we get older. Some of us are single by choice. Some of us may have lost our partner. Being solo on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be something to mourn. There are all manner of ways to celebrate love, whether we do that with a friend, a beloved pet, or in blissful solitude. Read on to explore 5 ways to celebrate love this February 14.

  1. Be your own date
    Treat yourself to something special. You can take yourself out for a day on the town, complete with dinner and a movie. There’s always something going on at Prime West Knoxville if you’d rather find fun closer to home. Enjoy dessert first by attending our chocolate-covered strawberry event on Friday and then heading to our dining area for a fresh meal. Want to get gussied up? Stop by our on-site salon for a new ‘do or a fresh coat of nail color.
  2. Embrace puppy love
    Does your four-legged friend live with you? Plan a visit to the bark park on our campus or venture to one farther afield. Your pooch will love running through the grass and making new canine friends. You can get in a workout yourself with a game of fetch, or you can socialize with other puppy parents.
  3. Spend time with family
    If you don’t want to spend the holiday by yourself, get in touch with your family. Sip coffee with a sibling in Old Town Knoxville or invite your children and grandchildren to one of our karaoke nights. One of the very best ways to demonstrate love is through generosity—you can offer to watch your grandkids while their parents enjoy a date.
  4. Party with friends
    Friends are the family members you get to choose. That means they’re also the people you can truly be yourself around. Host a brunch in the comfort of your apartment, complete with a signature drink and crowd-pleasing appetizers. There are also plenty of on-site activities you and your crew will love. Sing your heart out at Valentine’s Karaoke Night on Friday night or meet up for cocktails on Valentine’s Day.
  5. Remember Valentines of years past
    Every holiday is difficult after the loss of a loved one. If your special someone is no longer with you, Valentine’s Day can be especially hard. But you can keep their memory alive by doing some of the things you used to do together. Get your toes tapping with line dancing on Western Wednesday during Spirit Week. You can even make Valentine’s candy boxes on Friday.

While Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show yourself and others some love, it’s also important to love where you live. If you’re looking for a change of pace, Prime West Knoxville would love to welcome you to our community. Contact us to schedule a tour.

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