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Top 10 Grandchildren Gifts Under $50

Giving gifts they'll love without breaking the bank

It’s that time of year again. Time to make your gift-shopping list, check it twice, and wonder what kinds of presents your grandkids will think are nice.

Picking just the right gift can be tricky, and it can be even harder when you’re buying for lots of people and have to stick to a budget. The good news is that great, thoughtful presents don’t have to be expensive ones.

Here are our top 10 gifts under $50 for grandchildren of all ages:

1. Toys for playing pretend

A lot has changed about the way children play in the last 20 years, but kids still love mimicking the adults in their lives. Whether that means pretending to make calls on a toy phone or hosting all of their favorite dolls for tea, little ones are great at using their imaginations. Choose a brightly colored kitchen appliance set for your culinarily inclined grandkid or a toy workbench for the mini mechanic. Kids who want to help around the house will love a toy cleaning set or a garden tool set made for little hands.

2. Robots

For more tech-oriented kids, a robot might be the right answer. You might be surprised to learn just how budget-friendly one of these devices can be. And there’s something appropriate for nearly age group, too. Elementary school kids can draw shapes and patterns by coding Artie 3000, and toddlers can hone their motor skills by controlling a dancing dinosaur.

3. Arts and crafts supplies

For the mini maker, you can’t go wrong with something from the craft store. Watch your grandchild create masterpieces with an art supply case, or choose a kit for a specific craft, such as a DIY star-shaped lantern or set of bouncy balls.

4. “Surprise” toys

One type of toy that’s risen in popularity over the last few years is the blind box. These highly collectible items come packaged in obscuring boxes and bags, and the only way to know what you got is to open it. Kids of all ages love the thrill of seeing what’s inside, and there’s a huge variety to choose from. You’ll find everything from mystery color Barbie dolls to miniature action figures from your teen’s favorite anime.

5. Board games

Another item that’s seen a growth in popularity lately is the board game. With classic options like Sorry and Candyland and newer favorites like Apples to Apples, family fun is just waiting to be unboxed. For older kids and teens, opt for more advanced games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf or Settlers of Catan.

6. Razor scooter

An icon of the early 2000s, the Razor scooter offers as much fun today as it did when your own children were young. Don’t forget to grab a helmet to go with it!

7. Name-brand clothing

Gone are the days when getting clothes for Christmas was uncool. At least, fashion-conscious tweens and teens agree that getting the right kind of clothes is a good thing. Popular brands like Nike and Under Armour might come out on the high end of your budget, but they’re built to last.

8. Mini fragrance set

What better way to acknowledge that your grandkid is blossoming into a young adult than with their very own perfume or cologne? A sampler set from Versace or Yves Saint Laurent is sure to make your teenage grandchild feel mature… and will make them smell great too!

9. Video recording equipment

Perhaps the most prevalent form of teen entertainment today is watching and sharing videos on social media. While your grandkid might not be the next big influencer waiting to be discovered, some handy filming tools like a ring light or a flexible tripod will be much appreciated for taking their videos to the next level.

10. Gift cards

When in doubt, let your grandkids choose their own gifts. If you’ve ever shied away from giving a gift card in the past because you thought they were too impersonal, then you have nothing to fear. With options for practically every hobby and interest out there, gift cards can be just as unique as the people you buy them for. If your granddaughter is a softball fanatic, go for a gift card to a sporting goods store. Have a teenage grandson who’s obsessed with music? Consider a gift card to a music streaming service like Spotify.

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