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Senior Dining in the South: She-Crab Soup and Garden-Fresh Greens

There is such a thing as free lunch when it comes to senior dining at an all-inclusive retirement community. At Prime West Knoxville, our independent living residents can spend more time enjoying carefree fun, and leave the prep work and cooking to the chefs. 

The Market Square dining area serves up fresh, flavorful meals daily, including a delightfully rich seafood stew called she-crab soup. In addition, our on-site hydroponic greenhouse offers a bounty of seasonal herbs and vegetables for residents to cook with in their very own apartment kitchen. Here’s a sampling of what to expect on our senior living dining menu:

A Legendary Southern Specialty

According to South Carolina lore, she-crab soup was invented in the early 1900s at an exclusive dinner hosted by Charleston Mayor R. Goodwyn Rhett for President William Taft. The special occasion warranted a luxurious dish, so Rhett instructed his butler to elevate traditional cream-based crab soup. 

Adding fragrant sherry to the creamy concoction along with the savory, orange-hued eggs of female crabs — or “she crabs,” according to fishermen of yesteryear — Rhett’s butler made culinary history in the South. At the Market Square, our residents can experience this silky seafood soup that’s fit for a presidential dinner.

Seasonal Produce from the On-Site Hydroponic Garden

Craving fried green tomatoes, a simple salad, or made-from-scratch pesto? Put away the grocery list, and head to the hydroponic garden tucked away in the courtyard. From crisp lettuce and sweet tomatoes to aromatic herbs, the garden at our senior living community is home to an abundance of fresh ingredients. You can craft homemade recipes with produce from the greenhouse, and enjoy a cozy night in.

Savor the Sweet Life at Prime West Knoxville

Look forward to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time — which includes unlimited ice-cream — when you join our friendly retirement community. At Prime West Knoxville, good eats and unforgettable memories are only a stone’s throw away. Book your visit today to make your retirement dreams come true.

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