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19 in 90

Why You Need To Be Part of Our Fast-growing Community

If you bump into a Prime West Knoxville employee who's repeating the phrase "19 in 90!" while punching the air, please don't worry. They haven't gone mad. They're simply celebrating the fact that Prime West Knoxville had 19 apartment reservations in 90 days — a pace that any independent living community would be proud of.

Why is this so important to us? It's not because we're hitting some sales target. Prime residents aren't numbers—they're family. Instead, what makes us happy is that the number 19 represents dozens of people whose lives have been changed for the better, from new residents themselves to family members who can be sure their loved ones are in a fun, engaging and supportive environment.

One number we have lost count of? The things our residents love about Prime. So, if you’re still on the fence about joining our community, here are just a few reasons why you should book a tour today.

Infinite options, one monthly bill

Nothing takes the shine off your golden years like spending hours per week tracking utility bills or maintaining your home. It doesn't have to be that way. An independent living community like Prime West Knoxville adds fun and freedom by subtracting burdens and responsibilities. Let us take care of the chores while you hit the pickleball court or putting green.

A focus on fitness

Prime residents were so keen on our fitness classes and activities they asked us to expand our programs — and we listened. In a typical week, you could channel your inner rockstar with the drumming-inspired Pound, work up a sweat with a SilverSneakers class or boost your confidence with a Blended Balance session.

Events and activities galore

Do you have a calendar on your kitchen pinboard where you scribble down your monthly chores, deadlines and responsibilities? Consider swapping that for a Prime activities and social schedule, where every day is packed with tempting options for outings, concerts, group games and worship. From poker games and karaoke singalongs to bread-making classes and movie nights, there’s always something new to learn or enjoy. What’s more, many of our activities are resident-led, so if one of your hobbies or passions is missing from the calendar, you can fix that by starting a new club.

Truly independent living

Let’s talk for a moment about what Prime isn’t. It isn’t an assisted living community designed for older adults who need some help with their activities of daily living. Prime West Knoxville, by contrast, is for active, freedom-loving seniors who want to chart their own course in life. 

Do you have a beloved pooch? Great—we don’t just tolerate pets; we welcome them as part of your family. Prefer to whip up a snack in your full-size kitchen than enjoy a garden-fresh meal in our dining area? The choice is yours. We support our residents at every turn, but always with the aim of giving them the space and amenities they need to live their own lives.

The more you think about what Prime West Knoxville has to offer, the less surprising that “19 in 90”* seems. And if the next 90 days are anything like the last, our vibrant community will soon be full! So don’t delay. Call, write or visit us as soon as you can — we’d love to find out how we can best meet your needs.

*At this time this blog is published, the number has risen to 27 deposits in 90 days!
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