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How Social Distancing Affects Seniors (And How Prime West Knoxville Can Help)

A 2020 study found that social isolation impacts an estimated 25% of Americans over age 65, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. While social distancing is an effective way to stay safe from COVID-19, this preventative measure also, unfortunately, carries a few downsides, especially among older adults. 

During prolonged periods without social interaction, seniors may experience increased levels of stress, poor sleep quality, and physical inactivity. Despite these challenges, however, it is possible for seniors to proactively overcome these repercussions. 

By cultivating a sense of community and staying involved in social activities, older adults can thrive even during the era of COVID. Independent living communities like Prime West Knoxville empower residents to focus on health and well-being, providing a safe space to quarantine and maintain an active lifestyle.

The Negative Effects of Social Isolation

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, researchers warned that loneliness is an epidemic that could be as detrimental to one’s health as taking up a habit of smoking 15 cigarettes daily. Among Americans over 65 years of age, prolonged isolation can result in elevated blood pressure and significantly increase the risk of dementia, heart disease, and sleep disorders.

Seniors experiencing the latter may be less inclined to partake in exercise or other energy-intensive activities. This lack of movement can heighten the chances of sustaining a serious fall, which is a leading cause of death that takes the lives of approximately 32,000 older adults annually.

Ways to Overcome Loneliness During Quarantine

Fortunately, there are simple steps older adults can take to help prevent the ill effects of social distancing during the pandemic, such as learning to take advantage of technology to contact loved ones. With free video calling apps like FaceTime and Skype at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to communicate with friends and family members on a regular basis. 

In addition, studies show that maintaining a fitness routine is both physically and mentally beneficial. Exercise that gets the heart pumping can be an effective mood booster, and the workout choices are endless, from yoga and aerobics to brisk walks.

Stay Active and Social at a Senior Living Community

At Prime West Knoxville, residents can effortlessly make exercise a part of their daily schedule. Between the numerous on-site amenities, such as aquatic therapy and pickleball tournaments, as well as fellowship among neighbors, Prime is the ideal place to practice social distancing and maintain a strong sense of community. Call (865) 219-2910 today for an in-person or virtual tour.

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